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COVID-19: how safe security persons are

Narayan Dhungana, KATHMANDU: Whether it is mob or absconding criminal, it is the police person at the frontline to control these. One could see how difficult it was for the security to check and convince the swarm of people entering into Nepal after they were stranded at border.
Similarly, as the people took into isolation broke the boundary and fled the scene, security persons faced tough time to handle the situation. At a time when the police persons are working for people’s safety, how safe they are may be equally pressing issue.
In this connection, when this reporter reached a police person on duty on Kathmandu road on Friday, he said, “We’re committed to country’s security and safety. Leadership should think on boosting our morale.” He had no gloves in hand.
The police persons on roads could be seen equipped only with common mask and hand sanitizer for their safety. The Armed Police Force too has the same condition. At such, some have voiced for incentives to boost their morale in the crisis.
The police persons below the Inspector level seem more vulnerable, some argue.
To this, Deputy Superintendent of Police Bishworaj Pokhrel, who is the Chief of Metropolitan Police Office, Kathmandu, however, said the leadership is aware to keep intact the morale of the police persons. “The high level officers of Nepal Police are also mobilized together, which helps boost the morale of junior staffs.”
“All police persons have similar experience. It is our duty to work for security. We need to work in high spirit,” said another police officer.
Moreover, Deputy Superintendent of the Armed Police, Prabin Kumar Shrestha, said teams of armed police were mobilized as per the direction from government and district security committee. Police are in most vulnerable condition, so the security teams are mobilized consisting of few members. Mostly, vehicles are used, and information collection is made more active in view of the vulnerability.
He argued that the motivational incentives was essential to motivate the police at such risky situations. It is stated that the security agency has urged the government to manage such allowance following the international practice.
Meanwhile, some public are willing to come in the street for fun, the security force has the compulsion in such cases. Meantime, the low ranking police personnel were found worried over the deduction of their salary to contribute to the COVID-19 relief fund.
Multi-functional device to arrest wrongdoers
Kathmandu police have used devices to arrest the wrongdoers without directly touching them. The device is called ‘multi functional arrest and rescue device’. It helps police arrest criminals maintaining proper distance.
DIG Pokharel argued that the device is useful in vulnerable situations as it could prevent police from direct touch and transmission of communicable diseases. Police on Friday used six devices and use of the devices could be increased as per the need, he added. RSS

Published Date: Friday, March 27th, 2020 | 10:21 AM

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