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Could Indians have drafted a constitution for Nepal: A tidbit analysis

N24, KATHMANDU: While there is no assurance the constituent assembly could pull off a new constitution, the Indian side has sent signals that it has a copy ready for Nepal.

This becomes evident from the fact that the Indian side has recently sent out S D Muni to drop bombshells here and there to the effect that even if there was no constitution from the constituent assembly someone could wangle one.

That one is India. And if there is any impression that the peace process has come to an end, it has not.

Here is what he said: Nepal can wangle a constitution by piecemeal. That is it can promulgate whatever has been sorted out while the rest can be done later following election.

While it appears to be merely a suggestion, it could also be an order, with Congress coming to power and doing what the Indian side says. Sushil Koirala will do what Girija Prasad could not.

Two men who subscribed to Muni view are P Rana and S B Thapa. Birds of feather flock together. K P Sitaula and Sushil have beamed at the prospects already.

With Nepal scene of the new drama already enacted with Muni introducing the scene, Prachanda could join the scene in New Delhi where he stands invited.

And he is being invited by Bihar politician although of course much of the talking will happen in Delhi where Prachanda will have audience with Manmohan and Sonia, the Rajiv widow.

And Indians have so publicized the drama saying Prachanda is being invited to India at a time when Nepal is drafting a new constitution. Now this suggests that Prachanda could be a new tool in Indian hands.

He will be told to tame the hardliners and also help in taming Indian Maoists running amok in dozens of states already.

Moreover he will be told to water down his opposition to reinstatement of monarchy, which once revived could be used as a tool to water down Chinese dominance in Nepal.

Prachanda has come out crucial with his links to Lumbini project and hence the Indian interest in him. This also suggests that Indians want Prachanda to be full partner in Indo-US Axis so that Indians can make fun of Chinese from Nepalese soil.

This could have been generated on US instance with Ms. Nancy Powell taking up assignment in India and Peter Bodde in Nepal. Both are champion of anti-China activities. And both will need marionettes like Prachanda to play out their plan.

Of course than there is Saptakoshi dam which India wants lower down than where Nepal wants. Prachanda could have it relocated true to an agent.

Published Date: Friday, April 13th, 2012 | 03:52 AM

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