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“Commotion out of Information Technology Bill: Minister Banskota

KATHMANDU: Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota has said that there was so much negative and misleading information being intentionally spread out about the Information Technology Bill.
Talking to the journalists during the weekly meet-up with the media persons here today, Minister Banskota said that some persons were spreading false information that the Bill demanded that every social networking sites users be registered with the government agencies.
Banskota, delivering a tirade against attempts of defaming the Bill, clarified, “It is evident that certain people were trying to create illusions and shroud the facts relating to this Bill. The Bill does not ask each social networking sites users to register with the government rather only the social networking sites be registered. I flatly reject it.”
According to him, the users of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter among others need not be registered with the government. Instead, the social networking sites should get registration with the government of Nepal for their operation.
Urging one and all to make remarks on the Bill after only thoroughly reading all the provisions and clauses in the Bill, the Minister further explained, “I want to say one and all that the government would not take action against all the social networking site users but the law would certainly be attracted if the complaint is registered against offenders.”
He was of the view that futile attempts were being made to conceal the positive aspects of the Bill with a vested interest to instigate the general public against the government.
Moreover, appealing the political leaders to make public their opinions about the Bill within the limitation of the laws, he urged those concerned not to spread misleading information about the Bill on the basis of hullabaloos and prejudice-laden views.
Furthermore, the Minister described that according to the Article 15 (2) of the Bill action would be taken again the offender on the basis of evidences. “The government does not take action in the first place,” he said, adding, “secondly, on the part of mocking, harassing or maligning others in social networking sites could face action on the basis of evidence, those criticizing this provision have concealed the word ‘continuously’ in the sentence.”
Likewise, on a different note, Minister Banskota said that the Ministry of Home Affairs had already taken measure necessary to ensure due payments to the sugarcane farmers.
Stating that the subsidy provided by the government to the sugarcane farmers was found to be misused in many cases, Banskota shared that the government was exploring means and ways to make direct payments to the sugarcane farmers and in a more transparent manner.
Currently, the sugarcane farmers have been getting subsidy through the sugar mills.

Published Date: Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 | 09:04 AM

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