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With the collaboration of non-residential and residential Nepalese people the mission of building a prosperous Nepal should be completed: Shesh Ghale

An Australian business entrepreneur of Nepalese origin Shesh Ghale has been reelected as the President of Non Residential Nepali Association, for the second tenure. He is reelected by the 7th general assembly of the NRNA held in Kathmandu in mid October this year. Let’s go through the conversation that we had after the victory.

Question: As you have been reelected, what’s your plan for this tenure?Answer: This is the important process that has to be completed and it’s completed. There are not any special new schemes however it should proceed incorporate all. The elected executive committee will be active to achieve NRNA objectives.

Question: How would you drive NRNA on this second tenure?
Answer: There are several our own previously allocated plans, there come several social works and there’s the reconstruction of the damaged caused by devastating earthquakes too. We couldn’t say exactly how much we will do but we are expecting to do more than what we really think. We will definitely build a thousand houses for the earthquake victims that we have decided previously . We are thinking about giving skillful trade training to sisters and brothers of village. We will utilize the expert and skilled Non Nepali Residence for the development of various sectors of Nepal. Disaster relief fund for foreign employment has been already established and it needs to be activated effectively. We need to institutionalize this organization little more too. Resources does count, we do have collected 35 Million for building houses for earthquakes victim, so we will completed our one thousand house project very effectively. With us there has been little more hope, so we will do being little more responsible.

Question: Doesn’t the country’s political situation affects you?
Answer: We won’t involve in politics. We won’t comment regarding the politics. We will more focus on socioeconomic development of the country. How to bring investment and how to develop the society will be on our focus. Open University also has not moved forward, taking somewhat ownership on such organization we are planning to go ahead too. In several cases government should create favorable situation and the government should be ready for that too. Now we need to emphasize on our work rather than planning and talking, NRNA will move in this spirit onward.

Question: What about the concept of collective investment raised by the NRNA?
Answer: There are lot of challenges in collective investment too, it’s not like the individual investment type. That why we should limit our excitation level regarding it. Our ability is limited too, however we are committed to create an atmosphere of collective investment.

Question: What should Nepali people expect from NRNA?
Answer: The expectation is more and it’s our commitment that we will do more than what we promised. Our team is committed to do some concrete creative work in Nepal.

Question: There has been debates and discussion regarding the building of New Nepal. What will be the role of NRNA in building the New Nepal?
Answer: I don’t tell neither new nor old Nepal. Yes there is happiest coincidence of having the new constitution, now the country should pave the path of economic prosperity. By implementing the Constitution favorable environment should be created for economic prosperity with the equal opportunity. Employment growth should be there, favorable environment should be created for the investors then only economic growth will be possible. Whatever we say either new or old only with the collaboration of non-residential and residential Nepalese people the mission of building a prosperous Nepal will be possible.

Published Date: Sunday, November 1st, 2015 | 07:41 PM

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