Climate change forces Mustang farmers to opt for cash crops

MUSTANG:  Farmers of different villages in Mustang district have switched to vegetable farming and cash crops as climate change caused reduction in traditional food crops’ production.

Farmers have opted for potato and vegetable farming due to low production of maize, wheat, buckwheat, barley and other traditional crops.

Bikal Sherchan, a farmer of Lete said that the farmers have quit farming of traditional and local food crops lately. He said production of local food crops has been very low, thereby the farmers have started potato farming and others.

Farmers of Lete, Kunjo, Kowang and Tukuche have started vegetable and potato farming instead of traditional ones.

“Demands for vegetables and potatoes produced in the cold climate are very high. So, the farmers are very excited,” Sherchan added.

Chief of Agricultural Service Center, Lete, Pradhumna Upadhyay, said that production of vegetables and food crops is down as an impact of change climate.

However, production of cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce and potato is encouraging, Upadhyay added. RSS

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