Bezos’ Blue Origin Sends Spacecraft Higher Than Ever

(VOA): Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket company shot a capsule higher into space Wednesday than it’s ever done before. The New Shepard rocket blasted off from West Texas on the company’s latest test flight. Once the booster separated, the capsule’s escape motor fired, lifting the..

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US Lawmakers Savage Trump's Helsinki Comments  Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

(VOA): U.S. lawmakers of both political parties reacted with shock and dismay on Monday after President Donald Trump failed to support the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusions about Russian election meddling during a joint news conference with President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. “The..

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Obama Set to Speak on Mandela Legacy in South Africa

(VOA): Former U.S. President Barack Obama visits South Africa this week to deliver the 16th annual Nelson Mandela Lecture. The lecture honors the late Nobel Peace Prize winner, who was the central figure in the fight against white minority rule in South Africa. All roads on Tuesday will lead to..

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At Trump-Putin Summit, Issues Are Complex

(VOA): U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down Monday at their Helsinki summit with an array of complex issues to discuss. Whether the leaders of the world's two foremost nuclear superpowers would resolve any of their disagreements was an open question as..

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Lawsuit Against Harvard Could Unravel Diversity

(VOA): A lawsuit filed against Harvard University that claims too few Asian-Americans are accepted to the vaunted college could do the opposite — eliminate race-conscious admissions nationally.    "It could end the use of racial preferences," said Ilya Shapiro, a..

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Trump Fails to Blame Putin for Election Meddling

(VOA): President Donald Trump says he spent a "great deal of time" addressing Russian meddling in the U.S. election during talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki but he wouldn't directly criticize his Russian counterpart over the issue. "During today's..

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Activists Land Funds to Fly 'Trump Baby' Blimp in US

(VOA): The blimp portraying Donald Trump as a snarling baby that flew over London last week during the U.S. president's European tour could soon be in New Jersey's skies after activists said they had raised enough money to bring it to the United States. Anti-Trump activists by Monday..

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Trump, Bolton and the Syrian Confusion Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

It’s a messy, though typical picture. US President Donald Trump wants to pull out forces in Syria. When announced in December, jaws drooped and sharp intakes of breath..