Trump Fumes Over Special Counsel Mueller's Probe

(VOA): Intrigue and uproar has spiked yet again in Washington regarding the Russia probe, with renewed questions arising about the future of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. VOA's Michael Bowman reports, days after a top FBI official was fired, U.S. lawmakers are warning..

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MS-13 Origins – Part 1 of VOA Series

(VOA): President Donald Trump referred to MS-13 in his State of the Union address as "the most violent and murderous gang in the US." He claims the gang’s violent activities are a consequence of a broken US immigration system. But who and what is MS-13? VOA Spanish Service..

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Saudi Crown Prince to Visit White House Tuesday

(VOA): Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is visiting Washington this week, as Saudi Arabia's rivalry with Iran heats up.   Mohammed bin Salman comes to the U.S. touting a vision for a new Saudi Arabia. And he'll likely have a receptive audience in President Donald..

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