Dr. Gyan Basnet :: In Nepal, for the second time the constitution-making process is under way with great hopes of a new dynamic document emerging from the constituent assembly. The deadline is again just around the corner. However, big questions are currently being asked by the people: will the..

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Is A New Constitution In Making? :: By Siddhi B Ranjitkar

Whether a new constitution would be promulgated on time or not entirely depend on the ruling two-thirds majority government. The leaders of the ruling parties were in direct campaign against ethnic people, and federalism and multi-religion and multi-language going against the aspirations of the..

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Nextdoor Nepal: In reverse gear :: By Yubaraj Ghimire

Maoist chief Prachanda swallowed his pride when he gave up his earlier claim to permanent leadership of the High Level Political Committee (HLPC), accepting that its stewardship would be transferred to other parties on rotation. But even in retreat, he inflicted a blow on the leadership of the..

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How china’s media has reported the Hong Kong protests :: Oped Sunday, October 5th, 2014

By Michele Penna :: It was hardly a good National Holiday to begin with: Beijing was soaked in rain, a gray sky looming low on a wet capital. It was made even worse for Chinese policymakers by Hong Kong’s present to the motherland: the biggest protest to challenge the central government since..

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By Richard Finney :: Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama signaled Thursday that he is in informal talks with Beijing over his long-held wish to make a pilgrimage trip to China. “It’s not finalized, not yet, but the idea is there,” the spiritual leader told Agence France-Presse (AFP)..

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Trekking in Nepal mountains for pre-wedding photos

By KEN ONG :: THE mission began with a crazy joke by my fiancée, Nicole, when we were brainstorming where to take our pre-wedding photos. She said, “Let’s go up to the Himalayas, then it will be unique!”. I answered “Let’s make the joke come true, what say you?” Next day, we bought..

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MODI AND OBAMA’S WAR :: ANALYSIS Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

By C. Raja Mohan :: Will he or won’t he? As Prime Minister Narendra Modi wraps up his visit to the United States in Washington, there has been much speculation on whether New Delhi might join President Barack Obama’s renewed war on terror in the Middle East, this time focused on the Islamic..

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