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No small feat, artist paints in rice grain

Narayan Dhungana, KATHMANDU: While it may be relatively easy to paint big shapes and figures on canvas, lokta or the indigenous Nepali paper, or for that matter on thanka or paubha, painting on a rice grain would really require meticulousness and high concentration. And only a few artists would..

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Egypt’s rebounding tourism threatens Red Sea corals

CAIRO, (AFP): In serene turquoise waters off Egypt's Red Sea coast, scuba divers ease among delicate pink jellyfish and admire coral -- yet a rebounding tourism sector threatens the fragile marine ecosystem. The Red Sea is a top scuba diving destination, but Egypt's tourism sector was buffeted by..

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Growing food insecurity in Karnali, Far West Nepal: WFP

Mandatta Rawal, JUMLA: Karnali, Far West Nepal is known as the fertile area for organic farm products in the country. However, climate change has started having its impact on the livelihood of farmers of this mountainous region. Eighteen thousand farmers' households in Jumla are still dependent..

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Illegal shops in Khula Manch demolished

Ramesh Lamsal, KATHMAMNDU: The unauthorized shops and sheds at Khula Manch in the heart of the central capital have been bulldozed today. These sheds and shops were constructed on public land grabbed by an individual who then rented them out to others for operating shops. Forty three such..

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Western Nepal’s traditional ‘Hudke’ dance disappearing Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

JUMLA: Karnali’s traditional ‘Hudke’ dance which was widely popular in earlier days in several districts including Jumla in the Karnali region is now on the verge of disappearance, thanks to modern music taking over. The traditional dance, which is performed along with the traditional Nepali..

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Brand Trudeau Wins a Second Term Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Few politicians come across more as products of hashtag committee management than Justin Trudeau. His image has been doctored, massaged and spruced, and even then, the..

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