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Haribodhani Ekadashi today Sunday, November 18th, 2018

KATHMANDU: Hindus are observing the Haribodhini Ekadashi, a religious ritual dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the god responsible for upkeep and sustaining life on Earth today. Devotees pay obeisance to Lord Vishnu on this day by observing fast and taking holy dips at rivers and ponds since early in the..

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Tea or coffee? The answer might be genetic Friday, November 16th, 2018

PARIS, (AFP) - In new research studying how genetic factors determine taste, scientists now believe they know why some humans prefer coffee while others opt for tea. A paper published this week in the journal Nature Scientific Reports found that people who are genetically predisposed to like more..

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International Tripitaka recitation begins in Lumbini Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

RUPANDEHI: The first international Tripitaka recitation programme has begun in Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. The programme jointly organised by the Lumbini Development Trust; All Nepal Bhikkhu Association; The American Buddhist Society and the Thai Budhha Vihar has started on the..

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Chhath being celebrated in a fanfare

JANAKPURDHAM: Chhath, the festival of purity, good will and faith, is being celebrated here today with much fanfare and enthusiasm. The devotees here have been celebrating the Chhath festival around the ponds, lakes and rivers including Gangasagar, Dhanushsagar, Ramsagar, Ratnasagar, Biharkunda,..

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Chhath festival begins tomorrow Monday, November 12th, 2018

KATHMANDU: Chhath, the festival celebrated by worshipping the Sun God, is beginning tomorrow. The Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun God is observed for four days. During the celebrations, devotees avoid non-vegetarian dishes, and other certain kinds of grains and spices such as millet, lentil,..

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Chhath celebrations begin from today Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Purna Prasad Mishra, KATHMANDU: Chhath puja celebrations have begun from today in various parts of the country including in Kathmandu. Works have already begun to clean and decorate the Kathmandu-Valley based the banks of rivers and water ponds as part of the preparations for the festival. The..

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Chhath festival to begin on Sunday Saturday, November 10th, 2018

Himanshu Chaudhary, JANAKPURDHAM: The main ritual of the four-day Chhath festival will formally begin on Sunday. It is observed for four days, from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Kartik Shukla Saptami as per the lunar calendar. The festival observed worshipping and making offerings to the setting sun..

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Bhaiyaduj festival being celebrated in Mithilanchal

MAHOTTARI: Sisters throughout Mithilanchal region including Mahottari are marking the Bhaiyaduj festival today, wishing long life to their brothers. As part of the rituals associated with the festival, sisters assemble at the village and town squares early in the morning singing folk songs and..

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KATHMANDU: The most important day of Tihar, the festival of lights, is being marked today by offering tika by sisters to their brothers. Sisters throughout the country offer 'tika' to their brothers wishing them happiness, long life and prosperity on the occasion of Bhaitika.  The auspicious hour..

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Govardhan Puja and Mha Puja being observed Thursday, November 8th, 2018

KATHMANDU: Goru Puja or ox worship and Govardan Puja are being observed throughout the country today on the fourth day of the five-day-long Tihar festival celebrated by the Hindus in the country. The Govardhan Puja rituals are being observed today with the replicas of the Govardhan Mountain made..

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Kukur Tihar and Narake Chaturdashi being observed today Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

KATHMANDU: Kukur Tihar, the festival of dogs, is being celebrated at every household today, to mark the second day of Yamapanchak of the Tihar festival. Tihar is the second biggest festival of the Nepali Hindus. Dog, which is an animal well known for being the trustworthy sentry as well as..

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40 Nepali women rescued from India Monday, November 5th, 2018

NEPALGANJ: Forty Nepali women have been rescued from New Delhi, India, and brought to Nepalgunj. Of them, 37 women, who were being sent to gulf countries for overseas employment, were left stranded in New Delhi, while the remaining three had been trafficked to a Delhi-based brothel. Maiti Nepal..

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Tihar festival begins from today

KATHMANDU: Tihar, the second largest festival of Nepali Hindus is beginning from today. Also known as Yam Panchak, the festival is observed for five days. The first day of Yam Panchak is observed as Kaag Tihar by feeding crows, regarded as messengers in Nepali society. The second day is Kukur Tihar..

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American Jews confront rising tide of anti-Semitism Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

NEW YORK, (AFP) - Since the end of World War II, American Jews have lived in relative peace and prosperity, convinced that anti-Semitic attacks were a horror left long behind them. But the massacre of 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday was a brutal reminder that those days are back,..

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Kathmandu Valley witnesses cold Sunday, October 28th, 2018

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Valley has witnessed cold following the Dashain festival. The Valley recorded 8 degree Celsius temperature as to its lowest point today, the Meteorological Forecasting Division said, projecting the highest temperate at around 25 degree Celsius. The temperature in most..

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Seven rhinos died of natural causes in three months Thursday, October 25th, 2018

CHITWAN: Altogether seven rhinos died in Chitwan National Park (CNP) due to natural causes in the first three months of the current fiscal year, officials confirmed. Chief Conservation Officer of CNP Bed Kumar Dhakal said that the rhinos died due to old age, infighting and languishing in the..

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