Minister Under Fire in Macron Security Aide Scandal

(VOA): The most damaging scandal of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency deepened Saturday with his interior minister to face a grilling in parliament over his response to a top security aide of Macron caught on video beating up a young man at a Paris protest in May. Opposition lawmakers have demanded..

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Brexit Secretary: No Brexit Payment Without Trade Deal

(VOA): Britain will only pay its EU divorce bill if the bloc agrees to the framework for a future trade deal, the new Brexit secretary warned in an interview published Sunday. Dominic Raab, who replaced David Davis after he quit the role earlier this month in protest over the government’s..

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Unusual Pop-up Museum Promises to Keep Visit Sweet

(VOA): An unusual pop-up museum in Lisbon is delighting social media-focused visitors with colorful and dreamy displays of giant ice creams, marshmallow pools and all things sweet. As VOA's Mariama Diallo reports, the museum's founders say its an attraction that strives to put a smile on..

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UK's New Brexit Envoy Optimistic as EU Warns of Brexit Crash Saturday, July 21st, 2018

(VOA): London's new Brexit minister said he was confident he could reach a deal, on his first trip to Brussels on Thursday as the EU warned business to get ready for Britain crashing out of the bloc without agreed terms to cushion the economic disruption. Brexit campaigner Dominic Raab,..

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VOA's Interview With Mike Pompeo

(VOA): U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States will not send any Americans to Russia for questioning on allegations of money laundering. Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to let U.S. investigators question officials in Moscow about Russia's interference in the 2016..

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US Seen Receiving Frosty Reception at G-20 Meeting

(VOA): The financial leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies meet in Buenos Aires this weekend for the first time since long-simmering trade tensions burst into the open when China and the United States put tariffs on $34 billion of each other's goods. The United States will seek..

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Trump Defends Efforts to Build a Rapport With Putin

(VOA): U.S. President Donald Trump defended his efforts to build a relationship with Vladimir Putin in an interview broadcast on Friday after he invited the Russian leader for a second meeting in the midst of an uproar over their first. Trump's administration has sought to control the damage..

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Trump Invites Putin to a Summit in US

(VOA): U.S. President Donald Trump is inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to a second summit meeting. The announcement came as the storm of criticism and confusion that followed the first summit is still making headlines and getting the attention of the U.S. Congress. Here to explain is..

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Trump, Bolton and the Syrian Confusion Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

It’s a messy, though typical picture. US President Donald Trump wants to pull out forces in Syria. When announced in December, jaws drooped and sharp intakes of breath..