Georgia Raps Russia at Start of US-Led War Games

(VOA): Georgia's president denounced Russia on Wednesday for illegally occupying part of the country as it began two weeks of military exercises with the United States and several other NATO members. About 1,300 soldiers from Georgia, 1,170 from the United States and several hundred from..

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Germany: Number of People With Immigrant Roots Rises

(VOA): Official data show that the number of people in Germany with immigrant roots increased 4.4 percent last year to nearly 19.3 million. The Federal Statistical Office said Wednesday that 51 percent of those people were German citizens. It defines a person with an immigrant background as..

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Pope Changes Church Teachings to Oppose Death Penalty

(VOA): The Vatican said Thursday Pope Francis has asked the church to change its teachings to reflect his view that the death penalty should be inadmissible. The new language in the Catechism of the Catholic Church says the death penalty was long considered an appropriate response to certain..

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Print Yourself a Mobile House

(VOA): Imagine this - a fully autonomous 3D-printed mobile house that can survive any weather and is completely self-powered. This is not a technological dream – it’s the ambitious project of a Ukrainian company called PassivDom. It's working on the prototype of a printed home in Reno,..

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Geraint Thomas Wins Tour de France Title Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

(VOA): Geraint Thomas of Wales won his first Tour de France title on Sunday, finishing a full minute, 51 seconds over second-place finisher Tom Dumoulin. Thomas had been a support rider on Team Sky, before becoming the winner of the grueling sporting event, the first Welshman to do..

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No-Confidence Survivor: Theresa May and Brexit Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Theresa May’s prime ministership remains one of torment, drawn out, and weakened daily. But does it really matter? If it is true to claim that people deserve the..