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Blindfolded Tibetan struggles to open UN eyes to atrocities

CHENNAI (TOI): Migmat Tenzin remains blindfolded everyday from 9am to 5pm. He has been doing this despite his doctor’s advice against it. The message on it reads: Wake up, UN. He and his friend Karma Dhondeep started the blindfold signature campaign on March 10, 2012 on the 53rd anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day from Dharamsala and plan to cover 62 major cities of India before handing over the signatures in support of a free Tibet to United Nations Human Rights Council.

Migmat’s feet are scarred after his attempt to immolate himself in front of the Chinese embassy in Delhi in 2008. “Every Tibetan dreams that he is going to return to Tibet in his lifetime and we believe that justice and truth shall prevail,” he says. He says it is out of sheer desperation that Tibetans immolate themselves in protest against the Chinese aggression.

Dhondeep is overwhelmed by the support he has received from Indian youth. “Be it students of JNU, Delhi or the Tibetan Students’ Association of Madras University, youngsters have always support us,” he said. The struggle has been inspired by the tenets of Mahatma Gandhi and is essentially non-violent, says Tenzin Ohunstok, president of the Tibetan Students’ Association in Chennai.

“For five decades, every protest has been non-violent despite China’s belligerence towards peaceful protesters. We believe in the Dalai Lama’s method of peaceful talks and China is going to miss a huge opportunity if they don’t talk to him,” he says.

On the shape the movement would take after the Dalai Lama, they believe Kalon Tripa (Tibetan Prime Minister-in-exile) Lobsang Sangyey will return and lead the struggle of Tibetans. “The future of Tibet in the absence of the Dalai Lama is something that would perplex China and India more than us,” says Dhondeep.

Published Date: Saturday, August 4th, 2012 | 01:25 PM

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