Big Four decisive discussion underway at Hattiban Resort

KATHMANDU: Senior leaders of major political parties- Maoist, Nepali Congress, CPN UML and Joint Democratic Madheshi Front (JDMF)– have initiated discussion to resolve contentions seen in the constitution writing process.

The discussions started at the Hattiban Resort, where they had stayed overnight in a frantic last ditch effort to corner core issues including federalism, forms of governance, electoral system and judicial system among others.

Sources in the know how claimed that parties are hopeful to resolve all the differences by evening today and come home with understanding on the outstanding issues.

Leaders have claimed that they are looking forward to resolve outstanding issues in consensus as far as possible and through give and take if it fails.

Considering possible leakage of the understandings made at the venue, security and personal assistants of the leaders have been removed from the meeting site and a code of conduct for the participating leaders have also brought into effect.

No one has been allowed to go beyond the 3 kilometer radius of the resort, including foreign tourists.

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