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Back in blonde

By Aimee Carelse:  With a salivating public constantly eyeing the starlets of today, it’s time to cut the stars some slack and relish their progress instead.  There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned celebrity meltdown to ignite the world’s insatiable appetite for gossip. And, as a breeding ground for troubled starlets that are on a downward spiral to rock bottom, Hollywood never disappoints.
Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan were the stars of two of the most infamous and highly-publicised celebrity meltdowns in recent entertainment history. Nevertheless, both have embarked on a journey towards a fierce comeback. But with personal turmoil as the most memorable part of their careers, will they ever be able to outlive the scandal and shame of their downfalls?
Britney Spears was doing rather well in her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” fame. But the reign of the pop princess reached its unfortunate end when accusations of her being an unfit parent began.
Tabloid images of her with a drink in one hand and her falling baby in the other didn’t do much to quell the gossip. Add to that a dysfunctional marriage to dancer/rapper K-Fed, charges of a hit and run, a couple of stints in rehab and excessive partying with fellow tragic starlets, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and you’ve got a meltdown to provide the tabloids with enough news for three years.
It was a ba(l)d time for Britney.
Miss Lohan was no better off. Two charges of DUI, lengthy jail sentences, a cocaine habit, a stage mom that could put Kris Kardashian to shame and a joked-about lesbian relationship to DJ Sam Ronson pushed this girl right off her throne as queen of the silver screen. Not to mention an apparent penchant for shoplifting reminiscent of a certain Ms Ryder.
Despite it all, both starlets have made admirable comebacks in their respective industries. After some shaky attempts (including a badly lip-synched MTV VMA performance), Britney has regained her position at the top of the charts. Lohan has just recently been cast as Elizabeth Taylor in the biopic Liz and Dick.
This begs the question: how do these seemingly disturbed young starlets manage to move past their personal breakdowns to make a fresh start in their professional careers?
Life under the spotlight can’t be easy. Spears blamed the media for her being an “emotional wreck”. Lohan commented that her so-called meltdown was simply her living out her college years for the world to see. For celebrities, the voyeur-like lens of the paparazzi has a knack for magnifying and distorting the common problems we plebs regularly face.
More importantly, is it really these supposedly unstable starlets who can’t shake the scandal of a meltdown, or is it the gossip-loving public that won’t let them forget it? People salivate at the latest helpings of salacious scandal, relishing in the wonderful notion that celebrities are not as flawless as they may appear. It’s no wonder the public chooses to hold on to the shameful past of these celebrities, even when the celebrities themselves have clearly moved on.
It’s high time we cut these celebs some slack. Dance to their music and watch their movies rather than indulge in their personal problems. We should admire them for their progress rather than impatiently anticipate a sensational and tragic demise, as was the fate of late vocal legend Whitney Houston. They’re doing what they can to make a living and move on. So should you.

Published Date: Sunday, May 13th, 2012 | 02:40 AM

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