Academician Bal Cremated

BIRATNAGAR/n24: Senior poet and academician Krishna Bhushan Bal, who passed away yesterday, has been created at Paropakarghat of Biratnagar-1 today. Wife Shova Lama lit the funeral fire to the late Bal as the son was yet to arrive from America.

Earlier, for the final tribute to the late poet Bal, his body was kept at Gurukul of Biratnagar-11. Linguist Balkrishna Pokhrel draped the late Bal’s body with the national flag. Similarly, a condolence letter from Chancellor of Nepal Academy Bairagi Kainla was recited on the occasion.

The funeral cortege was attended by political leaders, literati, intellects, civil society members, social workers, human rights defenders and journalists. Bal was rushed to a local Neuro Hospital after he had brain hemorrhage while taking a bath last Friday morning. The late Bal was the permanent resident of Biratnagar-13.


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