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A Celebrity Who Loves Her Root’s

Miss Nepal US Jubi Gauchan Hates Nepal’s Divisive Politics

Despite being born and raised in Singapore, she was never far from her Nepali roots as a Gurkha’s daughter.

Excelling both academically and in extracurricular activities since young age, Jubi Gauchan attended top schools in Singapore, pursuing science and completed her A-Level there. She then came to the US for further studies.

zubi-2She first acted when she was 8 and started dancing and emceeing at 11. She also got her Black belt, 1st Dan, in Kyokushin Karate when she was 14, amongst awards in many other sports such as Badminton, Volleyball and Track and Field.


On her official entry into the glamor world she says, “Being on stage has always fired me up. It brings me happiness to bring smiles on people’s faces through my performances and I wanted to show the world how talented Nepali people are. This drew me to participate in Miss Nepal USA 2011, where I won Miss Personality and was Top 5. At that point, I had only just been in the US for 8 months, but the amount of love and support I got from all across the world was truly humbling. In 2013, I then took part in ANA Fashion Extravaganza, bagging 5 different titles, ranging from Miss Popular to Miss Fashionista.”

Besides beauty pageants and modelling, she has hosted TV shows and various events in New York. “I believe that being a media personality enables one to have a voice for the less fortunate and present pressing issues to the world. People naturally pay more attention to what you are saying if you are famous.”

zubi-mainOn the difference between Singapore and Nepal, she mentions “We grew up in a melting pot of cultures and people from all over Nepal. Castes and other social issues never really had an impression upon us. We were all Nepalis! However, when I went back to Nepal after my father retired, it quickly dawned upon me how divided our nation was.”

On life in the US, she says, “Being an international student in the US came with a lot of challenges from juggling working through college, while still being actively involved in campus life to holding various leadership positions and internships (she interned at Credit Suisse and BlackRock). Attending the best college under City University of New York- Baruch felt like attending a mini-United Nations conference and I looked forward every day to meet those incredible and motivated people.

“Having that on-campus leadership and scholarship presence coupled with people recognizing me from my involvement with the glamor world, during the Nepal earthquake. It allowed me to start fundraising at Baruch with my fellow Nepalis when it would usually be hard to get past the bureaucracy. Though it was my last semester and during an exam period, it was truly heartening to see us Nepalis unite as one for a great cause, dedicating so much time and effort. The power of unity was phenomenal then!”

In June 2015, Gauchan graduated with her Bachelor’s (double Honors), majoring in Finance and Investments and double-minoring in Mathematics and Advanced Business Analysis, as part of the Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program. She is currently working full-time at BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager.
“Everywhere I go, I pray to be able to bring glory to Nepal, my family and friends through all my achievements,” she adds.
Advice for Nepali youths today:
“Listen to your heart and make an effort to be genuinely nice. Don’t ever let the world sway you from your innate desires. There may be detours along the way, but never lose sight of the road you want to carve out for yourself. Hard work will eventually come to fruition, and you never know whose life you will change along the way! Jai Nepal!”

Published Date: Saturday, October 29th, 2016 | 12:19 AM

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