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5480 Maoist combatants sign for retirment

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU: In the second round of regrouping conducted by the Army Integration Special Committee (AISC), a sweeping 5 thousand, 4 hundred, and 80 former Maoist combatants have opted for voluntary retirement till Monday evening.
The regrouping will continue on Tuesday also informed AISC coordinator in all cantonments across the nation, except those in Chitwan.
“ Regrouping in Chitwan has finished on Monday. It will continue in other cantonments on Tuesday also,” said Sharma to TNP.
Out of the 9 thousand, 7 hundred, and five combatants, who had opted for rehabilitation in the first round, 5 thousand, 4 hundred and 80 combatants from six cantonments have re-opted for retirement in the second round of regrouping, till Monday, informed Sharma.

With it, the number of combatants still vying to join the national army has come down to 4 thousand, 2 hundred and 25. And the number is still expected come down as regrouping will continue for another two days, at least, in Rolpa based Fifth division and Surkhet based Sixth Division.

Regrouping in Rolpa was delayed due to Nepal band, while the process had started late in Kailali.

In the first round of regrouping last year, 9 thousand, 7 hundred and five combatants had opted to join the Nepal Army from the total 17 thousand, and 76 combatants. Other combatants, 7 thousand, 3 hundred and 65 combatants had chosen for voluntary retirement and only six combatants had opted for rehabilitation packages.

First Division, Illam

In the Chullachuli based First Division 5 hundred and 12 combatants have opted to retire of military services. The regrouping here will continue on Tuesday also. Out of the total 7 hundred and 93 combatants, so far only 2 hundred and 79 combatants have chose to join the Nepal Army.

AISC member Sambhu Ram Simkhada said that the number of combatants vying the NA could go down on Tuesday. He informed that combatants who opted for rehabilitation have been bid farewell by handing over the payment cheque.

Second Division, Sindhuli

Deputy commander also opts out of army life

At the Dudhauli, Sindhuli based Second Division cantonment, even Deputy commander opted out of the military life in the second round of regrouping.

The regrouping process concluded here on Monday and most of the combatants opted out of the integration option. Along with Deputy Commander Uttam Pandey, and Brigade Commander Ashok, a total of 4 hundred and 59 PLA combatants signed for voluntary retirement.

These combatants have started heading home from Monday after receiving their cheque from the AISC regrouping team, informed AISC member Ramananda Mishra.

Out of the 8 hundred and five combatants in the Second Division, two have abandoned the cantonment and 30 to 32 personnels are on leave, informed Mishra, citing information given to him by the Division Commander.

4 hundred and 59 combatants have signed to join the national army from this division informed Mishra. Division Commander Suk Bahadur Rokka informed that the regrouping could extend for some more days for the combatants who are on house leave.

Third Division, Chitwan

Regrouping of combatants in the Chitwan, Shaktikhor based Third Division has concluded on Monday. 1 thousand, 5 hundred and 87 combatants, from this Division, opted for retirement. There were 2 thousand, 2 hundred and 14 combatants at this Division. AISC coordinator, Sharma, who was personally involved in the regrouping at this camp, informed that the combatants who had signed for retirement have been handed over their payment cheque.

Fourth Division, Nawaparasi
Regrouping at the fourth division has continued. Till Monday evening, out of the total 1 thousand, 2 hundred and 82 combatants, 7 hundred and 96 have signed for retirement.

Fifth Division, Rolpa

At the Dahaban, Rolpa based Fifth Division, 1 thousand, 2 hundred and 87 combatants, till Monday evening 6 hundred and 4 combatants signed for voluntary retiremen. AISC’s technical committee member, Devendra Subba, while confirming the report, informed that the regrouping will continue on Tuesday also.

Sixth Division, Surkhet

At the Dasrathpur, Surkhet based Sixth Division 1 thousand, 6 hundred and 59 combatants, till Monday evening 9 hundred and 8 combatants signed for voluntary retirement informed AISC member Deepak Prakash Bhatta. However the number opting for integration, which at present stands at 6 hundred and 54, is expected to down as the regrouping is yet to conclude here and will continue on Tuesday also.

Seventh Division, Kailali

At the Kailali based Seventh Division, out of the total 1 thousand, 7 hundred and 62 combatants a total 6 hundred and 14 combatants signed for retirement packages from the Gorange based Lokesh Smriti Brigade and Badayepur based Lisnegaam Smriti Brigade till Monday. Regrouping at Lisnegaam will continue on Tuesday also.

As regrouping at the main cantonment is yet to start, AISC member Gopal Singh Bohara said that the number of combatants opting for retirement could soar up.

Division        Retirements    Total combatants        Remaining

First Division, Illam    512                793            284
Second Division, Sindhuli    459            805            346
Third Division, Chitwan        1587            2214            —
Fourth Division, Nawalparasi    796            1282            446
Fifth Division, Rolpa        604            1287            683
Sixth Division, Surkhet,     908            1559            654
Seventh Division, Kailali    614            1762            1148
Total Retirement: 5480
Remaining:     4225

Published Date: Monday, April 16th, 2012 | 07:02 AM

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