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30th ANA Texas convention concludes making a new history

Bijay Thapa, Texas: The 30th ANA Texas convention concluded with a big bang  by announcing a whooping profit of US$ 27296.73 proving the success of the ANA DC convention’s guidelines.

The organization which was plagued by corruption and lack of transparency had been in ruins for the past 28 years of its establishment.

But with the new leadership dedicated to the cause and committed to maintain transparency and accountability, the organization was able to put up such a big show.

The organization had also organized various programs tailored for the young generations and children like Supre Nova, Quiz competition, Children Forum.

The convention has sanctioned 35000 US$ to promote sports and has decided to run the the ANA Body Running Shielf from this very year.

The 31st ANA convention will be held in New York.

Here is the  financial  report  “STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES” presented by ANA    -­‐2012  Convention  Chief Financial  Officer,  Bandana Hamal.

Description                Amount
Cash    Collection    From    Ticket    Selling    and    Registration
Day    1                7,445.00
Day    2                    18,769.81
Day    3                8,204.92
PayPal    Collection    (Registration,    Ticket    Selling    and    Sponsor)                43,356.00
Fund    Raise    and    Sponsor                74,188.00
Total    Revenue    and    Support                151,963.73
Fashion    Extravaganza                5,440.00
Sports    Expenses    and    Prizes                35,345.23
Culture    and    Entertainment    AV                36,101.77
Supernova                341.21
Opening    Ceremony                252.75
Administrative    Expenses                34,317.33
Security                    8,324.00
Forum                1,128.00
Spelling    Bee/Quiz                2,916.71
Poetry    competition                500.00
Total    Expenses                    124,667.00
Changes    in    Net    Assets                27,296.73
Donation    to    NST                7,500.00
Total    Remaining    Assets                19,796.73
DI S CL AI M E R : All supporting documents will be
submitted to ANA Interim President and Chief Financial
Officer. Contact admin@anatexas.org for further


News translated, prepared and edited by Chitra Raj Bhandari. Please send your news, videos, photos to me at chetrajbhandari@gmail.com

Published Date: Thursday, July 12th, 2012 | 11:15 AM

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