Quake-stricken desperately waiting for government aid

DHADING: Chandra Bahadur Chepang’s house at Simthali of Mahadevsthan VDC – 2 collapsed during the earthquake, but he is yet to receive housing reconstruction grant.

He had shown his demolished house to a team of technical experts dispatched by the government but the team did not mention his house in the reconstruction aid list. Chepang’s family is currently living under a makeshift shelter with a thatched roof.

Chepang has already notified the VDC office of the need for support as he has been living in the vulnerable shelter for the past two years.

One non-governmental organization had arrived and promised to build a toilet for the family but no one has pledged to build his home, a local teacher Tilak Chepang shared. “My two daughters have been handicapped, in such a situation why isn’t the government seeing anything?” Chepang complained. “We are going to die in the field’s track waiting for the government money,” he added.

Many Chepang people are living in the primary school building after their houses were razed during the massive earthquake of April, 2015. The children are now feverish with deteriorating health conditions after spending prolonged time in makeshift shelters built in the open fields.

A total of 25 Chepang families living in Mahadevsthan – 2 have not made it to the reconstruction aid list. In ward no 3, there are 15 such families. The carelessness on part of the technical team have deprived them inclusion in the list of those entitled to receive reconstruction grant.

In Jogimara VDC, 52 households of the Chepang community have also not been listed. They complain that the government has neglected them. There are a hundred such families in Dhusha VDC – 3 and 4, according to Nepal Chepang Association.

From across the district the government authorities have received 15,000 complaints but none of them have been addressed as yet. RSS

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