NRNA USA 2017-19 elections to be held on July 21-23

Purushottam, Dhakal, LOS ANGELES: The Election Commission, (EC) of Non Resident Nepali Association National Coordination Council, (NRNA-USA) has decided to hold the 2017-19 elections and fixed the online poll date as July 21-23.

The Election Commission of Non Resident National Coordination Council, (NRNA-USA) has not been able to deliver because of the various delays throughout the years.

Also, the meeting decided to finalize membership list and handover the list to the Election Commission right after so the polls can be held on time.

Prior to the Election Commission meeting, the NRNA USA Election Commissioner Bandita Dahal had held final consultations with the NCC USA.

It was the first meeting of the day regarding NRNA USA ongoing election delays.

Last NRNA USA elections were held in USA in 2015.

Texas based community leader Gauri Joshi, NRNA USA President, Dr. Kehsab Paudel and Vice President, Rabina Thapa are the presidential candidates for NRNA USA 2017-19 elections.

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