Man from Nuwakot attempts to set record in longest speech marathon

KATHMANDU: A man from Chisapani of Nuwakot is trying to get his name written in the Guinness Book of World Records under the category of the longest speech marathon. 

Anantaram KC has been giving his speech since October 5 at Mitrapark-based Texas International College, according to his spouse Paru KC. He plans to give his speech for continuous 84 hours.
Currently, achievement under this category is held by Ashwin Sudani from Gujrat, India. He had given speech on different 75 topics for 75 hours 32 minutes to set this world record.
KC has delivered his speech non-stop for 57 hours as of 3pm on Saturday, president of the Bishwa Darshan Abhiyan, Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, said. The Abhiyan is facilitating in KC’s attempt to get to the Guinness Book.
Lions Club of Kathmandu Bihani is the organizer of this event with the support of Leo Club and other organizations.
KC gives speech on various topics and he gets five minutes break in one hour. He delivers his speech standing. There is also a provision to deliver the speech sitting on a chair from time to time.

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