Lumbini Peace Marathon, 12 March 2017 Full Moon Day

Shakya Muni Buddha Lumbini Peace Marathon has been successfully conducted despite the political turmoil and strikes in the country. Carrying a special Spiritual theme, Lumbini Marathon was held on the day Buddha returned to His Kingdom after attaining Enlightenment.
Here are the top 3 timings from Full and Half and student marathon: Prizes have been distributed in the name of Buddha’s Life Heritage sites & Great Names associated with these Buddhist Sites of Nepal.
• Full Marathon : 42: 195 km Kudan Gotihawa, Kapilvastu Tilaurakot, Niglihawa, Arorakot Dohani to Lumbini Maya Devi Garden
1st: Homlal Shrestha (2:22:36.32hrs)
Winning Lumbini ASHOKA Peace Prize Rs. 1,00,000
2nd: Gopi Chandra Parki (2:24:28.74hrs)
Winning Kapilvastu HIUEN TSANG Peace Prize Rs. 75,000
3rd: Khagendra Bhatt (2:24:41.21hrs)
Winning Mayadevi Garden U THANT Peace Prize Rs. 50,000
• Half Marathon 7+7+7 km 7 m (21km) Dohani
To Mayadevi Garden Lumbini
1st: Tirtha Pun (1:09:49hrs hrs)
Winning Kudan Nigodharam Prize Rs. 50,000
2nd: Ramji Basnet (1:10:28hrs)
Winning Gotihawa Krakuchandamuni Prize Rs 35,000
3rd: Tika Raj Katuwal (1:10:31hrs)
Winning Niglihawa Kanakmuni Prize Rs. 25,000
• Student Participation
1st: Sunil Kurmi (14 minutes 21 seconds)
2nd: Tej Bahadur Chaudhary (14 minutes 35 seconds)
3rd: Rakesh Lods (14 mins 47 seconds)
Stay Tuned for more pictures from the Marathon.

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