Home Minister Sharma to fete head constable Rana for his bravado

DANG: Minister for Home Affairs Janardan Sharma on Wednesday telephoned head constable of Nepal Police, Durga Bahadur Rana, to extend thankfulness for his unflinching sense of duty as well as brave act of foiling a bomb attack. 

Minister Sharma has also made an announcement to fete Nepal Police’s constable Rana for his unquestionable professionalism and unassailable integrity.
No sooner constable Rana saw a bomb hurled at a polling centre by an unidentified group at Tulsipur Municipality ward no 3 in Dang district at 9:30am, he hurled back the explosive immediately to safe place where it went off within few seconds.
The bomb attack was intended to incur loss of human lives and properties in the polling stations.
But Rana, who is originally from Sharada Municipality-1 of Salyan district, was deployed in the neighbouring district during the second phase of local level election, reacted bravely and effectively to the situation and saved the election officials, fellow security officials and voters alike.
High-ranking police officials also made a telephone to Rana, who entered police service in 2060 BS, and thanked him for the display of valour.
“It was misty in the morning. I was deployed for the security of the polling centre. A smoky rotund object fell off in front of me. In no time, I threw it back to safety,” Rana shared.
“We are taught how to handle the explosives during our training which has enabled me to help mitigate the explosion,” he said with a speck of pride in his voice. RSS

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