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Govt. releases Rs 3.73 billion non-budgetary amount

Kathmandu, March 29: Ministry of Finance (MoF) has released Rs 3.73 billion plus non-budgetary amount to different bodies. Secretary at the MoF Krishna Hari Baskota said the amount was released by adjusting different topics to spend in most urgent titles though it was not stated in the budget of 2068/069 fiscal year.


The State can use the non-budgetary amount in case of urgency despite the fund not being allocated by the budget.


This year, a big chunk of Rs 1.97 billion was released for the management of the PLA combatants opting for voluntary retirement.


Similarly, Rs 4.8 million to State Restructuring Commission, Rs 16.5 million to Investment Board and Rs 65 million for the preparation of the State decorations and medals.

Similarly, Nepal Oil Corporation was provided with Rs 250 million, Janakpur Cigarette Factory Rs 110 million and Nepal Drugs Limited with Rs 40 million under the non-budgetary titles.


Likewise, Rs 90 million for Sixth National Sports, Rs 4 million to Film Development Board, Rs 30 million to Radio Nepal under the capital grant, Rs 65 million to the Nepal Army to shift the cavalry to Narayanhiti, Rs 70 million to different government bodies to clear the electricity tariffs, Rs 17.2 million to different districts of Karnali zone for development projects, among others, were under non-budgetary sanctions this year. RSS

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