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Building Construction Leads to SLC Exams Centre in a Village School
building photo 2

Pyutar (Lalitpur):
Nabin Bajgain, a grade 10 student of Kali Devi Higher Secondary School, is happy today. A four room building is being inaugurated at the school. This means he and his other friends from four remote VDCs of Lalitpur can sit for their upcoming SLC examinations in this school itself and do not have to travel far away from their home. He is pleased that he can be relieved of the anxiety of traveling away from home for such an important exam of his life and concentrate on her studies.
Finance Minister, Barshaman Pun, inaugurated the recently completed building of Kali Devi Higher Secondary School of Pyutar, Lalitpur amidst the golden jubilee celebration ceremony of the school. Shanti Education Initiative Nepal (SEI Nepal), Kathmandu helped the school complete this building.
US based Santi School Project contributed around NRs.700,000, in words rupees seven hundred thousand, for the completion of this project. The local community has also mobilized its resources for this project.
Speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the building and golden jubilee celebration ceremony, Mr Pun congratulated the school on successfully completing 50 years of operation and thanked SEI Nepal for its help in completing the building. He said, “I would like to congratulate Kali Devi Higher Secondary School on its celebration of golden jubilee celebration. I also would like to thank the SEI Nepal for helping the school to complete the ongoing construction of the building.”
Speaking on the same occasion, Chairman of the Shanti Education Initiative Nepal, Rabindra Maharjan, congratulated the school in completing 50 glorious years and expressed his happiness on being able to help the school construction. He said, “I would like to congratulate the school administration and management committee for completing 50 glorious years of operation. I also would like to thank them for completing the project on time. We are pleased that the completion of this building has helped the school be designated as a SLC examination center. Our organization is willing to partner with the school in other areas as well.”
The principal of the school, Thakur Lama, thanking the SEI Nepal’s support said, “We are relieved that we do not have to conduct classes in congested rooms in the future. The completion of this building has also helped students from four nearby VDCs as well as they can also sit for their SLC exams near their home. For this, we are thankful to the SEI Nepal.”
The chairman of the program and the school management committee, Suman Lama, opined that this support has supported the school’s development. “I would like to thank everyone who is directly and indirectly involved in this project, especially the donor agency, Santi School Project, USA; implementing agency, Shanti Education Initiative Nepal, Kathmandu; and the local community.”
SEI Nepal’s Project Coordinator and alumnus of the school, Sita Devi Neupane presented the income and expenditure details of the building construction project.
The program was attended by local governmental officials, representatives from various political parties, teachers from nearby schools, parents and students.
Nabin is thankful to everyone involved in getting this building completed. He is equally happy for other fellow students of his school. He says, “Now, they can take classes in rooms with sufficient space to conduct their activities.”

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