Japanese celebrate Valentine’s Day with insect sweets

TOKYO, (REUTERS): Tired of the usual box of chocolates? Try a bug cocktail or a caramel creepy crawly for Valentine’s Day. A Tokyo bar on Sunday offered courageous couples and curious gourmets a special menu of desserts and drinks made with insects ahead of Tuesday‘s holiday. “They are crispy like the skin of walnuts and go pretty well with chocolate,” Sayumi Makino (20) told Reuters Television at the Duranbar in central Tokyo. The menu ranged from a cranberry and water bug cocktail..

Kathmandu cravings: Top Nepal foods you can’t miss

By Jenni Marsh, KATHMANDU, (CNN): The Kathmandu Valley is a dusty jungle of motorbikes, temples and tourists. It's also the best place on earth to sample authentic Nepalese cuisine. Not yet popular on the international scene, Nepalese cuisine is defined by its lentil soups, lean non-creamy curries and famous momos: Tibetan-style dumplings made with Indian spices. Want to try yak curry or buffalo steak? That's Nepalese food, too. If some of the dishes feel familiar, it's with good reason...

Luxury French Food And Saxophone Head To Space With Astronauts

BAIKONUR, (AFP): A trio of astronauts were due to blast off overnight, delivering to the International Space Station (ISS) some fancy French culinary fare, a saxophone and its future female Commander. The team includes French space rookie Thomas Pesquet, 38, NASA's former chief astronaut Peggy Whitson, and Russia's Oleg Novitsky. In the hours leading up to the 2:20 AM Friday launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome on the arid steppes of western Kazakhstan, the astronauts huddled with family who..

Beyond Hummus: 9 Popular Arabic Foods You Must Try

The question of who exactly are the Arabs and what exactly is their cuisine is a question simpler to ask than answer. The Arab identity is a complex notion. Politically speaking, the "Arab world" connotes the 22 Arabic speaking nations of the Arab League. But if you go beyond this relatively new 19th century phenomenon of Arab nationalism, you will Beyond Hummus: 9 Popular Arabic Foods You Must Try how multilayered the notion is. People from regions spread across Africa, the Mediterranean and..

Dark chocolates reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease?

Fancy eating chocolates every day? You may soon have the doctors’ recommendation to indulge a little, as researchers have found, a dark chocolate bar daily could reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases. glucose level blood testFor the study, the researchers analysed data of 1,153 people aged 18-69 years old who were part of the Observation of Cardiovascular Risk in Luxembourg study. It was found that those who ate 100g of chocolate a day — equivalent to a bar — had..

The Story of Momos: What Makes This Tibetan Dumpling So Popular?

Have you ever wondered about the journey of momo? Come to think of it, the momo has probably travelled the farthest of all foods. That, it is now quite at home on the streets of Delhi, as it is comfortable at posh five-star eateries, only confirms how these stuffed dumplings (either with meat of one’s choice or assorted greens including paneer) have evolved over the years. And how India, which is not even its place of origin, has adopted it like its very own is also an interesting..

8 Recipes for A Perfect Easter Meal

Easter is celebrated worldwide as a day of resurrection of Christ. Easter Sunday is the oldest and one of the most important festivals in Christianity that celebrates the rise of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion which is commemorated on Good Friday. The tradition of making and gifting Easter eggs symbolizes birth or a new life. Sizzling seafood, ravishing roasts, best buddies and some great wine, that's how we celebrate! This Easter, lay out a fabulous feast to celebrate rebirth and renewal...

Climate change affecting world’s finest wines?

NEW YORK, (IANS): Climate change is likely to make the wine producing regions of France and Switzerland too hot for traditionally grown grapes, and vineyards in these regions may then have to switch to hotter climate varieties, change long established methods, move or go out of business, suggests a new NASA study. In much of France and Switzerland, the best years for grapes are traditionally those with abundant spring rains followed by an exceptionally hot summer and late season drought. This..

10 Best Egg Recipes for Dinner

What will you call a person who could give up everything else in the world as a trade-off to eat eggs almost all the time? I would certainly want to know, as it would describe me perfectly. I love eggs in all their glory. The best way to please me is to rake up something quick and interesting using eggs - and oh, sunny side ups make me go weak in the knees. One of the chief reasons why I love eggs is their versatility. You can use them in any way to suit whatever occasion and manage to pull-off..

Food security strategy to tackle food crisis in Bajura

By Prakash Singh, BAJURA: District Agriculture Development Office is planning to implement food security strategy to mitigate acute food crisis in Bajura. Dr Ramkrishna Shrestha, Chief at DADO, said his office was preparing a security strategy to improve food and nutrition security by increasing production of food and agro-materials. Shrestha said that strategy was aimed at increasing agro products and reducing dependency. Strategic planning will stress on integrating the investment scattered..

At the Himalayan Café in Baldwin Park, discover Newari festival dishes and a goat thali

Name: Himalayan Café in Baldwin Park. Why you made the trip: Chef Uttham Adhikari is turning out several Newari-inspired festival dishes, served exclusively at his newest Himalayan Café (with branches in Old Town Pasadena and San Dimas). The food-obsessed Newari clan — the acknowledged gourmands of Nepal — is known for its elaborate celebratory foods. Where you are: Inside a repurposed Mexican marisqueria on the edge of a partially occupied shopping mall where the contrast of..

In a corner of the Himalayas, India now has its first organic state

Sikkim, the northeastern Indian state snuggled between Bhutan and Nepal, has now rid its agricultural land of pesticides and fertilizers making it the country’s first organic state. The 75,000-hectare area was transformed as per the policies of the Indian government’s National Programme for Organic Production, meant to promote organic farming. This form of agriculture typically avoids the use of pesticides, fertilisers, genetically modified crops, and other artificial inputs. Instead,..

Food crisis looms large in Humla villages

PRAKASH SINGH, HUMLA: Food crisis has begun to threaten life of people in remote areas of Humla district in Karnali zone of mid-western Nepal. At least five villages of Shreenagar region – namely Maila, Madena, Shreenagar, Kalika and Jayar – are likely to face a severe food crisis this year. As it did not rain for last one year in the region, the locals could not cultivate anything, lamented Gyane Rokaya, a farmer of Maila village. The villagers, hence, are forced to spend as many as..

Villa end winless run, United held

LONDON, (REUTERS): Aston Villa beat Crystal Palace 1-0 to win a Premier League match for the first time since August while a late goal from Paul Dummett earned a 3-3 draw for Newcastle United against Manchester United on Tuesday. Joleon Lescott’s second-half header, fumbled in by keeper Wayne Hennessey, handed Villa manager Remi Garde a first victory in charge, the bottom club’s first in the league at home this season, and ended a run of 19 games without a win. Wayne Rooney’s..

A Homeland Is a Country That Allows Domestic Use of Military :: By David Swanson

Have you seen Dahr Jamail's report on U.S. military plans for war games in Washington state? I'm sure some observers imagine that the military is simply looking for a place to engage in safe and responsible and needed practice in hand-to-hand combat against incoming North Korean nuclear missiles, or perhaps to rehearse a humanitarian invasion of Russia to uphold the fundamental international law against Vladimir Putin's existence. But if you look over the history of domestic use of the U.S...

Nepal beat Sri Lanka 1-0 Bangabandhu Gold Cup

KATHMANDU: Bimal Gharti Magar scored the solitary goal as Nepal registered a 1-0 victory over Sri Lanka in the Bangabandhu Gold Cup today. The win at the Bangabandhu National Stadium ended Nepal’s 11-match winless streak that included two draws and nine losses since their 2-1 victory over India in the eighth SAFF Championship group stage match on September 5, 2013. The victory also avenged Nepal’s 1-0 loss at the hands of Sri Lanka in the ninth SAFF Championship last month in India. The..

New Jade Mining Landslide Leaves 40 Missing in Myanmar’s Hpakant

At least 40 migrant mine workers are believed missing following the collapse Tuesday night of a mountain of soil and other waste cast off from jade mining operations in Hpakant in Myanmar’s Kachin State, sources said. The landslide struck at about 10:30 p.m. not far from the site of another slide which killed over 100 in November, a local source told RFA’s Myanmar Service. “I heard that about 40 are missing, though we have the names of only three missing people,” Naw Law, secretary of..

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