China asks Nepal to join its Silk Road campaign

KATHMANDU: China today asked Nepal to join its ambitious Silk Road initiative, which, it claims, is aimed at regional connectivity. China made the request during the 14th annual general meeting of Nepal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industries here. More than 100 countries have shown interest in the Silk Road initiative and signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with 40 countries, Chinese officials said. Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Yu Wong, asked Nepal to assist in forwarding the Silk..

Nancy Pelosi: Resister Without a Clue. A 10 point rant

Sam Husseini just asked Nancy Pelosi why she won't support an impeachment investigation for Trump. Her answer is on video. The transcript is probably less embarrassing than the video for the former Speaker who was never much of a, you know, speaker. SH - ... And if I could, to Leader Pelosi, you said that there are no grounds for impeachment against Donald Trump, but legal scholars from Catherine Ross at GW to Laurence Tribe at Harvard say there is. Laurence Tribe recently said, "Congress..

Next Door Nepal: The foreign hand

Nepal’s 16-month-old constitution is flawed, not yet owned by a large section of the populace, and impossible to implement in the current form. Yet, it is very generous in recognising about three dozen rights as “fundamental rights”, including the right to employment, health and education. It also asserts that any other provision in the constitution, except concerning the geographical integrity of the country and its sovereignty as well as the people being its “fountainhead”, can be..

EC urges parties to register for participation in election by March 1

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) has urged all political parties to register the parties' names for the participation in the election by March 1. The EC, through a public notice stated Sunday that any political party shall submit the details mentioning party's name, address of central office, number of members on the central executive committee or the equivalent body, number of other officials, organisational structure and annual audit reports, including others for the registration for..

Open Guantanamo!

Antes des morirme quiero echar mis versos del alma. Open Guantanamo to human rights inspectors. Open its files to the public. Subpoena the witnesses to its horrors. Open the courts to its prisoners and try them or set them free. Open the gates to the people of Cuba and give them their land back. And impeach U.S. presidents numbered 43 through 45. Before, during, and after President Barack Obama's announcements of closing Guantanamo, it constituted an illegal prison whose guards used and still..

CPN-UML against constitution amendment bill, Oli reiterates

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has reiterated that his party would not allow the House to pass the constitution amendment bill under any circumstances. Addressing a programme organised at the party central office Dhumbarahi on Sunday to welcome newcomers to the party, Oli said the amendment bill tabled in the parliament was not in the interests of the nation. He further said that the efforts were on to divide the nation into mountain, hill and Tarai, which, he claimed, was just a..

Call for Nepali Congress CWC urgent meeting

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress senior leader Ram Chandra Paudel has demanded immediate meeting of the party’s Central Working Committee to dwell on the contemporary political affairs. A meeting of some central leaders held at the residence of NC general secretary Shashanka Koirala today has demanded call for central working committee meeting, shared NC central member Badri Pandey. The meeting decided to send a letter to NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba asking him to call a central working..

100 Years of Using War to Try to End All War

This April 4th will be 100 years since the U.S. Senate voted to declare war on Germany and 50 since Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against the war on Vietnam (49 since he was killed on that speech’s first anniversary). Events are being planned to help us try to finally learn some lessons, to move beyond, not just Vietnam, but war. That declaration of war on Germany was not for the war that makes up the single most common theme of U.S. entertainment and history. It was for the war that came..

EC seeks security plan from govt agencies for local elections

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission of Nepal has urged security agencies to help conduct the local level elections in free and fair manner. In a meeting with the chiefs of all four security agencies and secretaries of the concerned ministries, the EC on Friday asked the authorities to help hold the polls in a free, fairness, credible and amicable manner. Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhi Prasad Yadav and Commissioner Sudhir Kumar Shah asked the security agencies to prepare a security plan..

IGP appointment hearing runs out of time, will continue Tuesday

KATHMANDU: The hearing on a writ petition filed against government's decision to appoint Jay Bahadur Chand as Inspector General of Police has been scheduled for Tuesday after the hearing ran out of time on Thursday. The hearing had started on Wednesday. On February 10, advocate Kapil Dev Dhakal had filed the writ petition accusing government of trying to violate the rule of seniority in the appointment of IGP. Similarly, on February 12, first in the seniority for the appointment, Deputy..

Election Commission publicises entire schedule for local polls

KATHMANDU: After two days of the government’s announcement of the date for local elections, the Election Commission on Wednesday made public the election schedule. As per the schedule, the casting vote on the voting day is fixed from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on May 14. With the announcement of election programme, the EC has issued a 19-point directive seeking government’s help. All government bodies, public agencies and committees, educational institutions the EC have urged all to give top..

Gorkhas Of The Indian Army And India-Nepal Relations – Analysis

This article is inspired by the Annual Gorkha Brigade Conference held at New Delhi on 11 February 2017 and the unique model of military diplomacy it fosters between India and Nepal. The Gorkha Brigade is an association representing approximately 40,000 Indian and Nepali Gorkha soldiers as well as about 90,000 Indian Army pensioners in Nepal. The Brigade comprises seven regiments, viz, First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Eleventh Gorkha Rifles. The missing serials were allotted to the..

Nepal to Hold First Local Elections in 20 Years: Minister

By Gopal Sharma, KATHMANDU (Reuters): Nepal will hold its first local elections in 20 years in May, a minister said on Monday, an important milestone in its long and difficult transition to democracy that the government hopes will culminate in a general election. The Himalayan nation has been unable to complete the journey to a republic because some regional groups rejected a constitution approved by bigger political parties in 2015, saying it concentrated power further among the hill elite..

Ruling parties decide to announce local poll soon

KATHMANDU: The government has decided to announce the date for local polls soon. A meeting of the ruling parties held at the official residence of the Prime Minister at Baluwatar today to discuss about the date for election and other contemporary issues decided in this regard. As part of its effort to reach to a consensus, the government was working to forward constitution amendment proposal along with announcement of local elections by bringing the disgruntled parties on board. Accordingly,..

Nepal offering preferential polices to Chinese investors: Envoy to China

BEIJING, (PTI): Nepal is offering "preferential" policies to Chinese companies for large-scale investments, Nepalese envoy here has said amid China's strategic push into the landlocked Himalayan nation. "Nepal is offering preferential policies to Chinese companies which want to invest in the country, though challenges remain such as limited public land and power supply, slow Internet speed and language barriers," said Leela Mani Paudyal, Nepalese Ambassador to China. Chinese enterprises are..

Understanding Robert E. Lee Supporters

Those of us who consider it disgraceful to have a giant statue of Robert E. Lee on his horse in a park in the middle of Charlottesville, and another of Stonewall Jackson for that matter, should try to understand those who think removing one of these statues is an outrage. I don't claim to understand them, and certainly don't suggest they all think alike. But there are certain recurring themes if you listen to or read the words of those who think Lee should stay. They're worth listening to...

Can the Climate Survive Adherence to War and Partisanship?

For the past decade, the standard procedure for big coalition rallies and marches in Washington D.C. has been to gather together organizations representing labor, the environment, women's rights, anti-racism, anti-bigotry of all sorts, and a wide array of liberal causes, including demands to fund this, that, and the other, and to halt the concentration of wealth. At that point, some of us in the peace movement will generally begin lobbying the PEP (progressive except for peace) organizers to..

Which Washington Crimes Matter Most?

Michael Flynn participated in mass murder and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq, advocated for torture, and manufactured false cases for war against Iran. He and anyone who appointed him to office and kept him there should be removed from and disqualified for public service. (Though I still appreciate his blurting out the obvious regarding the counterproductive results of drone murders.) Many would say that prosecuting Al Capone for tax fraud was a good move if he couldn't be prosecuted for..

Nepali women row against tide of discrimination on tourist lake

KATHMANDU, (REUTERS): Batuli Bhujel weaves deftly through the colorful wooden boats and paddles into the shore of Phewa Lake in west Nepal, stepping lightly out of her boat and steadying it as she helps her young passengers off. For years, Bhujel has paddled tourists out at dawn to be rewarded with majestic views of the snow-capped Himalayas reflected in the glassy waters. But the 60-year-old wonders whether she will be able to do this work much longer. "Quite often my whole body hurts, so..

Female Assassins Killed Kim Jong-un’s Half-Brother, Suspects South Korea

SEOUL, (REUTERS): South Korea's spy agency suspects two female North Korean agents assassinated the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Malaysia, lawmakers in Seoul said on Wednesday, as Malaysian medical authorities sought a cause of death. US government sources also told Reuters they believed that Kim Jong Nam, who according to Malaysian police died on Monday on his way to hospital from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, had been murdered by North Korean..

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