Holi 2017: Festival Of Colors – History And Celebration In Nepal & India

KATHMANDU: Holi is a Hindu spring festival in Nepal and India, also known as the "festival of colors" or the "festival of love". The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. It lasts for two days starting on the Purnima (Full Moon day) falling in the Bikram Sambat Hindu..

Women in U.S. plan to stay off the job, rally in anti-Trump protests

NEW YORK, (REUTERS): Women in the United States plan to use International Women's Day on Wednesday to stay off the job and stage demonstrations across the country in an effort to seize on the momentum built from the massive marches held a day after President Donald Trump's inauguration. On "A Day Without a Woman," those who are able to do so will stay away from work or school, much as immigrants did on Feb. 16 to protest Trump's immigration policies. All are part of the series of anti-Trump..

Donald Trump Surprises Group Of Schoolchildren Touring White House

WASHINGTON, (AFP): US President Donald Trump dropped in unannounced on roughly 100 schoolchildren touring the White House on Tuesday, greeting them beneath a picture of his vanquished election rival Hillary Clinton. As tours restarted at the White House after a brief interval, Trump greeted pupils at the Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, Alabama. The location of his surprise greeting was the ground floor center hall beneath a portrait of Clinton - one of a series of paintings of..

Astronomers find 7 Earth-size planets where life may be possible

CAPE CANAVERAL, (REUTERS): Astronomers have found a nearby solar system with seven Earth-sized planets, three of which circle their parent star at the right distance for liquid surface water, raising the prospect of life, research published on Wednesday showed. The star, known as TRAPPIST-1, is a small, dim celestial body in the constellation Aquarius. It is located about 40 light years away from Earth. Researchers said the proximity of the system, combined with the proportionally large size..

Nepali women row against tide of discrimination on tourist lake

KATHMANDU, (REUTERS): Batuli Bhujel weaves deftly through the colorful wooden boats and paddles into the shore of Phewa Lake in west Nepal, stepping lightly out of her boat and steadying it as she helps her young passengers off. For years, Bhujel has paddled tourists out at dawn to be rewarded with majestic views of the snow-capped Himalayas reflected in the glassy waters. But the 60-year-old wonders whether she will be able to do this work much longer. "Quite often my whole body hurts, so..

Forbidden love: Valentine’s Day banned for some in Asia

JAKARTA-ISLAMABAD, (REUTERS): Valentine's Day celebrations on Tuesday were banned by authorities in parts of Indonesia and Pakistan, home to Asia's largest Muslim populations, saying the romantic tradition encouraged casual sex and ran counter to cultural norms. In Indonesia, officials from the country's second largest city, Surabaya, ordered schools to prohibit students from celebrating Valentine's Day, while in Makassar, police raided minimarts and seized condoms in a bid to prevent..

As young move away, traditional craft dies out in Nepal

BHAKTAPUR, (AP): For generations, the residents of the ancient Nepali town of Thimi supplied the rest of the Himalayan country with everything from tiny clay lamps used in temples to massive grain storage jars. Locals still mix clay and throw it on potters' wheels, then leave pots to dry and harden in the sun. But not for long. As more young people leave town for better paying jobs in other parts of Nepal or abroad, fewer families have to eke out an income from the relatively low-returns..

Romantic love hormone may help treat psychosexual disorders, study reveals

LONDON, (IANS): Men who were given an injection of a naturally occurring hormone showed enhanced activity in brain regions involved with sexual arousal and romantic love, decline in negative moods as well as helping treat some psychosexual disorders that commonly occur in patients with infertility, a study has found. Kisspeptin has been linked to sexy and romantic feelings and is essential to the body's reproductive system. "Our study indicates that kisspeptin plays a role in stimulating..

Chinese head home in world’s biggest annual human migration

BEIJING, (AP): Hundreds of thousands of Chinese travelers were packing airports, train and bus stations Friday as they headed home for Lunar New Year celebrations. Officials expect that Chinese travelers will make almost 3 billion trips during the holiday travel rush that starts Friday and runs through Feb. 21. These trips include intercity flights, trains and local bus rides to villages for China's 1.4 billion people. Each year, it represents the world's largest seasonal migration of people..

Number of Himalayan blue sheep on rise at Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

BAGLUNG: Number of Himalayan blue sheep has increased at Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. There are 2,202 Himalayan blue sheep in the Reserve, according to the census carried out by the Reserve Office this year. A total of 1,648 Himalayan blue sheep were found in course of census carried out five years ago. The Office carries out counting of Himalayan blue sheep every five years. The Office carried out census of Himalayan blue sheep in six 'blocks' out of seven of the reserve in mid-April to..

A 2016 Love Story: The Macedonian Cop And The Iraqi Refugee

KUMANOVO, MACEDONIA, (AFP): The scene was hardly conducive to romance: she was a sick Iraqi in a wave of refugees trying to enter Serbia, while he belonged to the stern Macedonian police force keeping guard. But Noora Arkavazi, a Kurdish Muslim, and Orthodox Christian Bobi Dodevski quickly fell in love after they met at the muddy border in early March -- and celebrated their wedding four months later. Bobi recalls the rainy day he first saw Noora in no man's land between the two Balkan..

Elephant herd attacks Nepal village, killing 1 and injuring 2

KATHMANDU, (AP): A herd of elephants attacked a village in southwest Nepal on Wednesday, killing one person and wounding two others, officials said. Government official Dilli Ram Acharya said the elephants attacked Praseni village at dawn, when there was not much light and poor visibility due to winter fog. Acharya said the villagers did not see the elephants coming and did not have a chance to run. Security forces were sent to the area to chase the elephants back to the forest. The injured..

Minimum age for marriage being upgraded to 20

KATHMANDU: A new proposal has been made to change the minimum age for marriage from 18 to 20. According to the proposal, anyone found guilty of forcing people to marry before the age of 20 would be sentenced to one-year jail or slapped a fine of Rs 10,000 or both. However, those who have reached the age of 18 are allowed to get married before they turn 20 with the permission of their guardians. The proposal also categorises taking care of the parents in their old age as children’s..

Sindhupalchok quake survivors battling cold under makeshift shelters

MELAMCHI: With the winter nearing its peak, the survivors of the Gorkha Earthquake in Melamchi of Sindhupalchok are certain that this year too they will have to endure the cold under the makeshift shelters. Most survivors are battling cold under the makeshift shelters as the Rs 50,000 they received in the very first installment under the house rebuilding grant is even not sufficient for constructing the foundation of the house. Those with better economic condition have constructed new houses..

Ramjanaki bibaha mahostav being observed

DHANUSHA: The Ramjanaki bibaha mashotsav is being observed with much funfare in Janakpur today. The festival observed every year is regarded as a symbol of age-old cultural ties between Nepal and India. The seven-day-long festival began on November 29 and today marks the day when the then prince Ram from Ayodhya had married prince Sita at the historical Mithila state. Marking the same act, a large number of people including holy men come to Janakpur from Ayodhya of India. Janakpur hotels are..

Thriving On Raw Eggs, World’s Oldest Person Celebrates Her 117th In Italy

VERBANIA, (REUTERS): Emma Morano, thought to be the world's oldest person and the last to be born in the 1800s, celebrated her 117th birthday on Tuesday, still swearing by her diet of two raw eggs a day. Ms Morano was born in November 1899, four years before the Wright brothers first took to the air. Her life has spanned three centuries, two World Wars and over 90 Italian governments. Friends, neighbours and her doctor gathered in her small apartment in the northern town of Verbania, on the..

A Twice-Divorced Saudi Mother Of 6 Reinterprets Islamic Law

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA, (AP): When Souad al-Shammary posted a series of tweets about the thick beards worn by Saudi clerics, she never imagined she would land in jail. She put up images of several men with beards: An Orthodox Jew, a hipster, a communist, an Ottoman Caliph, a Sikh, and a Muslim. She wrote that having a beard was not what made a man holy or a Muslim. And she pointed out that one of Islam's staunchest critics during the time of Prophet Muhammad had an even longer beard than..

Nepal’s beautiful ‘veggie seller’ becomes internet sensation

KATHMANDU: A young vegetable seller from Nepal is now becoming an internet sensation after the photos of hot and handsome ‘chaiwala’ from Pakistan had been the talk of the town on social media recently. This girl carrying vegetables on her back is being appreciated for her beauty and hard work as well. She is in the row of simple yet gorgeous vegetable seller in Nepal. She’s been looked as an inspirational figure among netizens who are lauding her for choosing this profession. The..

Here Breezes In the Yummy Festival of Tihar

Purushottam Dhakal, LOS ANGELES: As we have just bid adieu to Dashain, the greatest festival of Nepali Hindus, we are already on the verge of the second greatest festival Tihar. Tihar is greatly revered by Hindus both in Nepal and India and elsewhere. Here in the U.S., Hindus celebrate Tihar, the festival of lights with their friends and families amid much enthusiasm. The cultural and religious importance of Tihar becomes more pertinent in the U.S. Tihar is a time when Laxmi, the goddess of..

Today Gobradhan Puja , Tomorrow Bhai Tika, Best Time for Bhai Tika in Tihar 2016 (2073)

Staff Writer, KATHMANDU: Best Time for Bhai Tika is announced. Tihar is the 5 day long national and great festival of Nepal. Tihar is also one of the major, biggest and popular festivals of the year in Nepal. It is also known as Deepawali or Bhai Tika or Laxmi Puja in Nepal. Tihar is the one of the most famous festival in Nepal for brothers and sisters. It is celebrated not only few castes, ethnics, groups of the country but most of the Nepalese people of all castes throughout the world. Tihar..

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